By using our computerized washing machines and pure clean water, your garments will be cleaned like never before! All of the solvents and conditioners used are safe for the environment, and kind to sensitive skin.

All garments are then double inspected for quality of pressing, stain removal, and minor repairs all at no extra charge. Tissues are also put into the garment sleeves to prevent wrinkling, and wrapped in our thick plastic bags to protect the press job.

Our professional specialists are highly trained and well prepared to tackle any and all unusual textiles. No request is ever out of the ordinary.

Special items such as exceptional garments or items are treated with the utmost precision and care. Each garment or item is carefully inspected upon arrival, ensuring the best possible method of care. Specialty Items include but are not limited to: intricate beads, custom-made designer clothing, and garments with tags that require specific instruments (i.e. do not dry cleaning, do not wash, etc).