KIMBALL DRY CLEANERS has history and tradition with over 30 years of local service.

Although KIMBALL DRY CLEANERS experienced harships while maintaining optimal service and quality due to lower-priced competitors, by treating customers with excellent service, we stand a well-loved local cleaners today.

Our cleaner offers home delivery services for over 50 homes, and will continue to offer the best cleaning services with sanitizing detergent and drive through services to minimize social contact.

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What Client’s Say

R Taber

Kimball Cleaners is the best place I know of to take care of our dry cleaning needs! We have used them for years and will go nowhere else.


Great experience at this location. The staff are very nice and professional. One of the members explained to me the type of shirts I had and weather or not they could be starched. Came back the next week and dropped off my pants.

Abbas Haider DDS

Ask for Sunny. I’ve been taking my clothes here for over 10 years. Excellent customer service every time and the turnaround is timely. They also have extended hours.

Illanit Kazula

Amazing place and great customer service . The previous post if anyone read it was meant for a different place

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